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Employment Contracts & Severance Agreements

We provide advice and counsel for individuals on how to best proceed when considering employment contracts as well as severance agreements.


Employment Contracts often include clauses aimed at protecting intellectual property such as confidentiality agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and trade secret agreements.  Some agreements also include noncompete agreements, many of which may not be enforceable in California.  Other terms of employment contracts may include stock options, indemnity clauses, for cause termination, and other complex terms.     


Because these terms may have a significant impact on your employment and long-lasting consequences beyond your employment, it is usually advisable to seek legal counsel in evaluating these contracts.  


Severance Agreements may be offered by the employer as a general policy or on an individual basis upon the termination of employment.  Often these agreements include restrictions that should be carefully considered before signing the agreement.  Most importantly, they may seek to have you waive any legal claims you may have against your employer.  Seeking experienced legal advice will help you understand the terms of the agreement and potentially negotiate for better compensation, extended healthcare, and other benefits.  


If you need assistance evaluating an employment contract or negotiating a severance agreement, do not hesitate to give use call.  We have extensive experience helping employees understand these contracts and evaluate how they may impact their future.  We have often negotiated better terms than what the employer initially offers.  We generally provide these services on an hourly basis.

Call the Falchetti Law Firm at (626) 831-9070  or email us here.

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